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Last Update: 05/09/20

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Electronic Soundscapes - About Sayer's Music
For most of my life, electronic music has been an integral part of my journey. My musical wanderings have gone in many directions over the years, but tend to lean toward melodic sequence based music.
Sayer's Studio 2019

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Sayer & Smokey

Where's the music?

Online streaming, digital download and physical CD
purchases can all be done from two Bandcamp pages.

More recent music, mostly Berlin School style:

Older music from back in the days:

Many of my releases can be found on the usual online
sites including Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, etc.
Although, they don't compensate the artsist nearly
as well as Bandcamp does.


Click on the image below to view both current and out-of-print releases:
Sayer's Music Releases 

Recent Updates:

May 2020:

Added info concerning latest releases.

Added 2019 studio photo and did other various updates.

May 2017:

Updated site with info reagrding the new release Interplanetary.

About Sayer:

A not so brief explanation of how I got started making music and why I ended up where I am now: 

 Music/Studio History

Studio Setup:

This is for the geeks who want to know what is currently in my studio setup. Click on the image below to see the setup.

Studio Setup