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Last Update: 05/09/20

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Studio Setup - Equipment and software used to create my music (geek time!)

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Stuio 2018 

Analog Synthesizers:

Model:  Released:
Behringer DeepMind 12 2017 
DSI - Mopho  2008 
Moog Slim Phatty  2011 
Oberheim Matrix 6R 1986 
Roland - MKS-50 (Alpha Juno) 1987

DSI Mopho



Hybrid & Wavetable Synthesizers:

Waldorf Blofeld Desktop 

Model:  Released:
DSI Evolver Desktop 2002
DSI Prophet 12 2014
Korg Prologue 16 2018
Korg Wavestation SR 1992
Novation Peak  2017 
Roland V-Synth XT 2005
Waldorf Blofeld 2008
Waldorf Micro Q 2000
Waldorf Microwave II 1997
Yamaha EX5R 1998

DSI Prophet 12 Module



Diagram used for planning the layout of the rack synths. There is a photo of the actual racks below.

Rack Synths

Select Software:

u-he ACE 

Developer: Software: Type:
Steinberg Cubase DAW
  Wavelab Audio Processing
Spectrasonics Omnisphere Software Synth
Rob Papen several Software Synths
u-he several Software Synths
Sonic Charge Microtonic Drum Synthesizer
Roland - MKS-50 (Alpha Juno) 1987  



Recent Updates:

Created this page - May 2020
Audio Interfaces & Mixers:
MOTU 828x 12 channels
Behringer ADA8200 #1 8 channels
Behringer ADA8200 #2 8 channels
Yamaha 01v - mixer 24 channels
Behringer RX1602 #1 - mixer 16 channels
Behringer RX1602 #2 - mixer 16 channels

MOTU 828x 

Midi Interfaces:
Edirol UM-880 #1 8 x 8 midi ports
Edirol UM-880 #2 8 x 8 midi ports
Edirol UM-550 5 x 5 midi ports
iConnectivity Mio 10 10 x 10 midi ports

Edirol UM-880

Virtual Analog Synthesizers:

Access Virus TI 

Model:  Released:
Access Virus TI Desktop 2017 
Korg KingKorg   
Korg Radias 2008 
Novation Nova Desktop 1999
Novation Ultranova 2011
Nord Modular G2 Engine 2005
Nord Micro Modular 1999
Yamaha AN1x 1997


Equipment Log

Above is an example of how I keep track of the audio and midi connections for each synthesizer.


Other Synthesizers & Drum Machines:

Waldorf Streichfett 

Model:  Released:
Alesis QSR with Vintage Q-Card 1996
E-mu Audity 2000 1998 
Kawai K5000S  1996
Korg 01R/W 1991
Korg TR-Rack 1998
Korg Triton Rack with MOSS expansion  2000 
Kurzweil K2500RS  1996 
Roland D-550 1987
Roland JD-990 - Super JD with Vintage card 1993 
Roland JV-1080  1994 
Roland XV-5050  2001 
Waldorf Streichfett 2014 
Yamaha CS6R  1999 
Yamaha TX-81Z 1987 

Roland Super JD - JD-990 


Monitoring and Viewing:

Equator Audio D8 Studio Monitors 

Equator Audio D8 studio monitors
HIFIMAN HE-400 headphones
TCL 49" Class 4-Series 4K UHD display